Chiropractor in Oro Valley Provides Allergy Relief Naturally

Chiropractor in Oro Valley Provides Allergy Relief Naturally

Chiropractic Oro Valley AZ Allergies

Spring allergies are in full swing.  Do you ever wonder why some people seem to suffer severely during allergy season while others don't?  Also, those who do suffer seem to suffer around the same time each year.  I've had patients over the years that would be out of commission around the same time each year because of serious allergy reactions.  The good news is many of those patients were able to overcome their allergies for good with nutritional and chiropractic support.

Allergies in Oro Valley are no different from any other condition that I see in my office each day.  The key to success is getting to the root cause.

In this article by Oro Valley Health and Wellness I will discuss just a couple of the most common health issues that make a person more susceptible to allergic reactions to their environment.

Health issues Due to Allergies in Oro Valley

The first and most prevalent is a condition where there is a low level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach also known as alkalosis. Lack of dietary protein and/or lack of stomach acid necessary to absorb protein is a prominent factor.  A sign of alkalosis is that prescription antihistamines don't work and symptoms such as heartburn indigestion and weight gain persist.

Low protein absorption results in an inflammatory response in the bowels affecting the mucus membranes leading to "leaky gut syndrome." This weakening of the gut wall allows undigested food particles to filter into the blood stream creating other immune and allergic sensitivities.  When a patient comes to me with results of an allergy test that reveal a long list of food sensitivities then I know they have a serious digestive problem that is being overlooked.  In other words, just avoiding the listed foods does nothing to correct the problem.

A side note about digestion; besides the stomach acid issue, the liver/gallbladder connection is a common problem and needs to be addressed as well.  Many people in Oro Valley have gallbladder issues developing and their only symptom is chronic sinusitis.

The second most common cause of allergies relates to nervous system dysfunction in the neck region.  What I mean by nervous system dysfunction is that there are vertebrae, particularly in the upper neck region, that when out of alignment will lead to symptoms such as allergies, chronic sinus congestion and hay fever.  This is usually evident with patients who have some type of neck or head trauma in their history.  It doesn't need to be recent trauma either.  It can be the result of an injury, which occurred years ago that is just now manifesting.  Or, maybe the allergy symptoms have existed for years but know one has made the connection before now.

Both of the above mentioned causes of allergies are relatively easy to detect and correct.

At Oro Valley Health and Wellness in Oro Valley we are fully equipped to evaluate and support these types of conditions naturally.  If you or someone you know suffers with these or other related conditions we provide a Complimentary Consultation to see if we can help.  Feel free to call to schedule your Consultation at (520) 505-0550.  We are conveniently located on N. La Canada Dr. across from the Oro Valley Police Station.

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