Gallbladder Problems

Gallbladder Problems

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Can't Loose That Last 10 Pounds?

Maybe It's Your Gallbladder!

Many of us struggle with weight loss at all levels. Whether it's 10 or 50 pounds. There can be many factors involved in preventing someone from loosing weight. I hear from many of my patients who complain that " no matter what I do I can't seem to loose the weight and keep it off. There is a strong possibility your gallbladder maybe a major part of the problem.

30 years ago females over 40 were the most likely group to experience gallbladder problems. Women and men are experiencing gallbladder problems at a much earlier age. I've seen young women in their mid 20's with serious gallbladder problems requiring surgery.

Why is this shift happening? It's about the quality and quantity of fats we consume. Many of the processed foods we consume contain hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils. Read the labels, especially on packaged foods that come in a bag or box. It's surprising how much you'll find when you start looking. The other issue is the quantity of healthy fats we consume. The Fat Phobia phase that came on in the early 90's promising a solution to our weight worries only lead to a much higher rate of gallbladder disease.

The good news is we have access to many sources of good quality fats from organic butter to avocado oil. I frequently recommend coconut oil for cooking at higher heat such as stir fry, olive oil for cold salads or low heat, lots of organic butter for sautéing, raw organic nuts as a mid meal snack, (in moderate quantities), and a healthy mix of quality meat and fish.

How do you know if you have a gallbladder problem? Remember, you don't have to have gallstones or suffer a severe gallbladder attack to have gallbladder problems affecting your health and quality of life. In an interview with Dr. Kelly Favre, MD, a Fellow of the American Board of Surgery and an affiliate with Southwestern Surgery Associates of Tucson, Dr. Favre states that the most common symptoms of a more advanced gallbladder problem are progressive pain in the upper middle or right abdominal region that exists even on an empty stomach, right shoulder pain and nausea. The following is a list of some of the most common symptoms that present in early gallbladder disease:

    1. Unexplained weight gain.
    2. Migraine headaches with nausea and pain over the right eye.
    3. Bloating and gas.
    4. Alternating constipation and diarrhea.
    5. Chronic sinus congestion.
    6. Pain in the right shoulder.
    7. Right hand web pain.

Dr. Favre mentioned two diagnostic medical tests commonly used to detect gallbladder malfunction. They are ultrasound and the HIDA Nuclear Medicine Test, which evaluates the rate at which bile travels from the liver to the gallbladder and to the small intestine. This can be helpful in detecting obstruction or restriction of flow of bile.

It is true, as with many health conditions that the cure is in the prevention. Dr. Favre and I both agree that many gallbladder problems can be prevented with proper diet and lifestyle.

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