Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had soreness/stiffness, sciatic that acted up and it was debilitating. I was feeling total frustration and helplessness. Prior to coming to see Dr. Marsh, I was stretching and “rolling” trying to eliminate pain. A friend referred me to Oro Valley Health and Wellness. Dr. Marsh completed an initial exam/consult and set up a program which included adjustments and supplements. I felt an almost immediate improvement. Give Dr. Marsh a chance. A world of difference for me."

- Jay K.

"I was suffering with neck pain, constant headaches and was restless sleeper. My boyfriend recommended I visit Dr. Marsh. Dr. Marsh found the root of my problem (subluxations in my cervical vertebrae) and not only treated that problem but helped me to prevent further injuries. I work in EMS and Fire, where back injuries are common. Now I have less headaches and sleep better and feel stronger. Taking care of myself now will allow me to have a long successful career. Take care of yourselves early! Don’t avoid the problem. Dr Marsh is awesome and really helped me!"

- Naomi S.

"Prior to seeing Dr, Marsh, my condition was very poor and I could barely move. I had 2 low back surgeries, tried acupuncture, and had 2 epidurals which didn’t help. Amy massage therapist referred me to Oro Valley Health and Wellness. I feel 100% better than-as normal as an 82-year-old can be! I am able to move and lead a normal life. Don’t be afraid- Try it!"

- Millie M.

"I was having problems walking due to sever pain in my hips especially my left hip. I had talked to my primary care doctor and his recommendation was that I be referred to a surgeon. I decided to talk to a chiropractor and/or an acupuncturist before having surgery done. Dr. Marsh made me feel comfortable right away. If I had gone to a surgeon the symptom would have operated on, but the problem would have been treated. After the first visit my, my hips felt better, I was walk with considerably less pain and Dr. Marsh gave me some simple exercise to improve my flexibility and they also alleviated the pain. I am walking without pain, I am jogging without pain and I am playing racquetball again which I had thought I was going to have to give up> I am also 71 years old. I would encourage anyone to visit with Dr. Marsh if you are having pain in your back, hips, neck, ect. Also, to stick with the treatments and the exercises after a few visits you will feel like a new person."

- Don S.

"I was in the Emergency Room with a Diverticulitis flare and my entire digestive system was a mess, I had a CT, an ultrasound, and was put on a round of IV antibiotics. There was a possibility that the doctors would eventually remove my gallbladder. I then contacted Dr. Marsh and he encouraged me with some healthy food choices. I’m feeling really good now. My wife he noticed a change in me as well and is getting guidance from Dr. Marsh as well."

- Gary

"I was suffering from daily headaches, neck pain, lower back pain and stomach issues (heartburn). My pain level was between 8 and 10. A good friend referred me. Dr. Marsh gave me adjustments for my neck and back; he also gave me supplements to take for my stomach. I have no more heartburn or stomach issues. My daily headaches have lessoned quite a bit and are less frequent and the pain level is at a 6. Come in and see what he can do for you. He’s honest and has done a lot for me in the 15 visits I’ve seen him."

- Anonymous


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