Do You Have Fears and Frustrations Around Heart Disease in Oro Valley?

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Most of us are familiar with the current recommendations for keeping your heart healthy.  The most commonly stated points are:

    1. Eat healthy.
    2. Increase your physical activity.
    3. Keep your weight under control.
    4. Quit smoking and avoid second hand smoke.
    5. Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
    6. Drink alcohol in moderation if you do drink.

And finally,

    1. Manage your stress.

Even with all of these recommendations heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States.

I find that most patients at Oro Valley Health and Wellness in Oro Valley who have concerns about their heart health are confused about what they should and should not eat and what their cholesterol levels really need to be at in order to maintain proper cardiovascular health.

Detecting Heart Disease in Oro Valley

In our office we utilize a technology called the Heart Sound Recorder.  This device measures heart valve function.  It is not used to diagnosis heart disease.  The purpose is to measure the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart function.  Through the evaluation of the HSR we can see what specific nutritional recommendations would be helpful to enhance cardiac function, which will have a global effect on the body.  For example; most patients have a vitamin B deficiency which affects the tone and electrical component of the heart.  This is also your stress complex.  The most common cause of vitamin B deficiency is a diet high in carbohydrates.  Another cause is the quality of the food and supplements you may be ingesting.  The specific components in the B Complex necessary for supporting  heart function  are only available through whole food nutrition and whole food supplements, not synthetic.  In our office at Oro Valley Health and Wellness Chiropractic & Nutrition we focus on providing our patients with the recommendations about proper eating habits based upon the latest information designed to get you back on the right track toward optimum health.

We've been taught for the last 25 years that elevated cholesterol from a high fat diet is the culprit.  However, the latest panels of experts agree there is no evidence for the support of lowering LDL to a specific number to reduce heart disease.  The most significant number in the lipid panel is not the total cholesterol or the LDL but the triglyceride number.  It should be half the total cholesterol. This is the strongest indictor of a cardiovascular problem developing and, if elevated, is the direct result of excess carbohydrate consumption.

The actual primary causes of heart disease in this country are the standard American diet which creates nutritional deficiencies affecting the function of the heart, and, coronary artery inflammation, also caused by our "SAD" diet.  The combination of too much carbohydrate and not enough good quality fat in your diet is the real problem.  We can help sort through the fears and frustrations here at Oro Valley Health and Wellness Center.

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